Portuguese wiz kids come up with beach app

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An application designed by Portuguese school kids that shows how many people are on beaches in real time could soon be a vital tool in deciding when and when not to head for the sun, sand and surf.

Likely to become a download hit this summer, one such smartphone application is called InfoPraia developed by the APA – Portuguese Environment Agency, which now runs the fledgling “company” SandSpace.
SandSpace was set up by five young Portuguese kid entrepreneurs from the Dr. Serafim Leite group of schools in São João da Madeira (Bruno Dylan, Diogo Resende, Jorge Correia and Nuno Castro).
The five innovators have reached the finals in an international apps competition Good.
SandSpace (which is partnered with the Portuguese Environment Agency) shows information on beach space take-up at 685 Portuguese beaches, including river beaches, on mainland Portugal, the Azores and Madeira.
The app works by counting the number of app users while they are on the beach. The
software then converts that data “into a graphic indicator” with classic green, yellow and red signs, green meaning fairly empty and red meaning packed.
SandSpace is now open to a public vote and hopes to win the final prize for ‘Apps for Good’. The polls close on 26 June. For now, it can only be downloaded to Android phones in Portugal.