Palmela winery makes world’s Top 10 muscats

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A Palmela muscat winery’s 10-year reserve has been awarded a gold medal as one of the 10 Best Muscats in the World in the competition Muscats du Monde.

The Adega de Palmela Portuguese muscat ‘Generoso Moscatel’ has been a certified wine since 1908 and is one of the most famous products from the Setúbal Peninsula region. Categorised as of ‘Superior’ quality, it forms part of the Muscats of Setúbal collection.
Using the grape variety Muscat of Alexandria, the wine is obtained by fermenting Muscat grapes which is then interrupted by adding a wine spirit and is then left to mature for a minimum period of five years.
In this particular prize batch, various harvests were used, the most recent of which was 10 years old, where it had been left to mature in wine spirit in the winery’s cellars in old oak casks.
The wine is designed to be drunk on its own or accompany regional sweets or chocolates at a temperature of 16ºC when it displays a complex range of aromas and flavours which include nutty notes, figs, walnuts and honey.
At this year’s Muscats du Monde, Portugal succeeded in winning 16 medals: eight gold and eight silver.
But the Adega de Palmela with its Setúbal Muscat came in 9th in the Top 10 Best Muscats in the World 2020.