Portugal launches Covid-19 related travel insurance programme

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For international travellers looking to visit Portugal, or who have booked a trip that’s still under way, there is a new travel insurance program providing COVID-19-related coverage.

Promoted by RNA Assistance Insurance, a Portuguese travel insurance company, the Portugal Travel Insurance programme is said to cover surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital expenses associated with the current pandemic throughout the entire country.
The insurance program has also been endorsed by VisitPortugal, the country’s tourism board, to reinforce trust in Portugal as a tourist destination according to Forbes Magazine.
According to VisitPortugal Director Celina Tavares, this insurance plan was created after a market analysis identified new needs that travellers, with the pandemic still being present, will face.
“We are all adapting to the ‘new normal’ and for tourists to have guarantees of a smooth trip is essential at this time. Thus, our insurance provides for special coverage related to an event derived from COVID-19 and has the purpose of guaranteeing more peace of mind to those who have a scheduled trip to Portugal,” explained Tavares.
The Portugal Travel Insurance program, which is optional for travellers to purchase, coincides with other recent health and safety initiatives in Portugal correlating in response to COVID-19’s impact.
Tavares added that the insurance offering is also aligned with VisitPortugal’s Clean & Safe program. The latter program has tourism companies and hospitality businesses confirm their compliance with health and safety recommendations issued by the National Tourism Authority and established according to National Health Authority’s guidelines; businesses are then given a stamp of approval.
As another tourism-related program, the Portugal Health Passport was created for international tourists to have direct access to private English-speaking medical professionals and health services at fixed prices throughout the entire country.
Sheree Mitchell, who currently resides in Lisbon and owns the travel agency, Immersa Global, finds that the Portugal Health Passport serves “as proof of Portugal’s commitment to create a safe and healthy environment for visitors.”
“The scope of coverage is extensive. It not only covers any potential illness related to COVID-19, but it also covers other travel-related medical emergencies as well as routine doctor’s visits like eye exams and dental care,” said Mitchell, who divides her time between Lisbon and Miami.