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Vanguard Properties is sponsoring a study into the skills sets of the Portuguese when it comes to remote distance working from home and the impact that this growing reality will have on real estate projects in cities.

Remote working is a reality with various profiles which have gained ground as the world has become more digital. The unexpected pandemic will speed up this process, but it has also become obvious that the repercussions of its adoption will go way beyond a mere labour issue.  It is estimated that a significant number of people will be working from home or from places which differ from traditional places of work. This unstoppable advance will cause changes that will be felt in various areas and, in one form or another, will affect us all.

It was to better understand the scope of the implications of this phenomenum that under the sponsorship of real estate developer Vanguard Properties, a number of specialists got together with the aim of undertaking the “Home Sweet Office” study. The study seeks to outline the profile of the remote working skills of the Portuguese and forecast the impacts that this growing trend will have on residential architecture in urban spaces and in territorial reconfiguration.       

The strudy will be headed by the HR specialist Susana Almeida Lopes, of SHL Portugal, who has a PhD from Lisbon University and is a fellow of ISEG, Bruno Lobo, of S+H Capital and has a PhD from Columbia University, and Joaquim Montezuma of ImoEconometrics; who has a PhD from Glasgow University and coordinates the ISEG Post-Graduate course in Property Valuation and Management.

The study’s basis is an online questionnaire that can be filled out between 12 October and 6 November by all those who in some form or another experience this reality.     

All who fill out the questionnaire will receive their Remote Working Profile for free which will help them to better understand their skills for the changes underway.

The replies that will help guide and influence the conclusions of the study will be statistically analysed in a confidential manner and will give rise to a report while the various specialised articles will be published at the start of January 2021 and will be studied at post-graduate courses at Portuguese academic institutions.

Link to the questionnaire: https://bit.ly/34GTuFC 

About Vanguard Properties

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