Wine exports climb 2.43%

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Overseas sales of Portuguese wine grew by 2.43% for the first nine months of 2020 in what will be the fourth year on-the-trot to see historic maximum growth for the industry.

In September, wine exports were up 4% on the same month in 2019 and grew 2.43% in the accumulated total to €589.6 million. And this does not include the expected €200,000 or more in wine sales that are usually expected in the third quarter when in the run-up to Christmas orders are particularly buoyant.
Over the last three years, the last quarter has always topped over €240,000 in exports. “Things are going well, all of the markets in which we’ve invested more, with the exception of China and Angola, are growing, which means that we’ve made good investments which were well thought out and well done, and now we are harvesting the fruits of that investment,” says the President of ViniPortugal, Frederico Falcão.
The only drawback is the fall in the average price by around 1.33%, which means that we are selling more but cheaper. But the upward trend remains and this will be the fourth consecutive year of growth following a fall of 1.6% in 2016 which had interrupted an otherwise upwards trajectory in terms of growth in wine sales since 2010.
This successful growth was supported by markets outside of the EU which have grown 21.6% to €31.5 million. On the other hand sales to Europe are falling 13.5% to €272 million.
In terms of markets, wine sales have done particularly well in Brazil (+21.5%) to €46.3 million, a market which in absolute terms has grown by more than €8 million since January. 2020.
Sales to the US and Canada have also done well, growing 7.6% and 5% respectively to €70.4 million and €37.3 million. The UK market too has seen an increased interest in Portuguese wines with a growth of 4.1% worth €52 million.