Portugal’s Recovery plan with 36 reforms

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Portugal’s Recovery and Resilience Plan involves 36 reforms and 77 investments in areas including measures to tackle climate change and promote digital transition.

The amount of investment involved includes €13.9Bn in grants, €2.6Bn in loans, which may or may not be used since the government is still looking into their application.
The preliminary version of the final document stipulates that to 2026 around €14Bn of grants will be applied to a “number of reforms and investments that will enable the country to return to sustained economic growth, thereby reinforcing the goal for convergence with Europe over the next decade”.
From the total amount in the Recovery Plan, 61% is focused on the resilience dimension, which foresees 43 investments and 20 reforms, financed by €8.5Bn in grants earmarked for housing and is the largest slice of the cake, topping €1.6Bn, followed by investment and innovation (€1.4Bn), qualifications and skills (€1.3Bn) and the National Health Service (SNS) and health (€1.3Bn) and €538 million for social programmes.