Casa de Investimentos launches PPR fund

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In celebration of its first decade of operation, Braga-based Casa de Investimentos has launched the first 100% share-driven Pensions Savings Plan Fund (PPRF).

The idea of its new product is to democratise access to investment so that investors can subscribe from as little as €1000.
In the management of individual portfolios clients could, up until now, only invest starting from €100,000, and the company does have various clients who have invested over one million.
Since it was founded, the Casa de Investimentos focused on investments in shares and its founder Emília Vieira, founder and CEO of the company, says that these investments made over long-term and in the right companies have a low risk.
“We invest in a portfolio of 25-30 big international companies, including Google and Amazon, chosen for their capacity to create value for shareholders.”
“We evaluate the companies on their performance over the past 10-20 years and look at the wealth they have generated for their shareholders and the income potential they could produce in the future,” the fund manager added.
“We look at the quality of each company’s business, its management team, the strength of its balance and competitive advantages,” explains the manager. Their diversification according to activity sectors and across geographies is also factored in when selecting,” adds Emília Vieira.
The company buys shares when they are listed at a discount of their intrinsic value, according to the logic of knowing that the asset in question is worth more than being paid for it,” acceding to the Warren Buffet school of thinking.
“This is conservative” says Vieira, explaining that the “income from labour has been falling, but income from capital has been rising and with a greater concentration of wealth as a consequence — but it is important that each has their savings.”
As to investments in deposits, she says, “These are being eroded by inflation and have no return,” just like bonds where there is a “real bubble in the market”.
Emília Vieira is a professional with a vast experience in financial markets acquired in London, Paris, Zurich, Madrid, Frankfurt and many others.
The Casa de Investimentos had €133.6 million of assets under management at the end of 2020 and in 2019 enjoyed growth of 47.3%, and an average profitability from its portfolios under management since the start of its activities of 8.1%.