Holidays to Portugal for Brits out until May

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Travel to Portugal without a “justifiable reason,” – and that does not mean going on holiday – will be prohibited by law for Brits with a fine of £5,000 (€5,800).

The measure is included in UK legislation that contains restrictions associated with the Covid-19 pandemic which will be debated in the House of Commons on Thursday and come into force next week.
The new legislation, which will update rules that are currently in force, will be reviewed every 35 days and will prohibit travelling outside the UK until at least 3 May, with the exception of work reasons, studies, medical treatment, professional competitive sports, or to meet a court or legal obligation.
The UK minister of Health, Matt Hancock, explained that the legislation intends to establish the basis for a total and irreversible lifting of restrictions on 21 June, starting with the authorisation for groups of six people or two families to socialise from this Monday.
The next phases of restriction easing are set for 12 April and 17 May, but the UK government says this will depend on the number of cases, hospital internments, or the appearance of more dangerous variants of the virus.