GoContact sold for €21M

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The Portuguese technology company Wavecom which is based in Aveiro has sold its spin-off company GoContact to the US company Broadvoice in a deal worth €21 million.

GoContact, a software company which develops software for call centres and was 100% Portuguese was sold to Broadvoice, which belongs to the US communications company VoIP for €21 million, according to a communiqué released by the company.
Wavecom points out that GoContact, one of the various spinoffs of Wavecom was “sold for a record amounting terms of European multiples for this type of transaction and without any type of previous investment round.”
The Aveiro company also says that it “expects to develop other spin-offs based on its technology and which are in line with its strategy for developing IoT products and solutions.”
Among the areas it foresees are “Real Time Object and People Location Systems” (RTLS) developed for Industry, Logistics and Health sectors, “IoT Communication Systems for Smart Cities applications; “Connected BUS,” a connectivity solution for public transport passengers that enables the counting of people numbers in real time, on-board Wi-Fi with 4G and 5G among other functions.
“This is an excellent opportunity for us to carry out an introspective analysis of our Contact Centre solutions in Portugal.”
“We are talking about a deal (GoContact sale) that will enable us to continue to invest in IoT technologies and R&D for the Health, Industry, Transport and Smart Cities sectors,” says Nuno Marques, co-CEO of Wavecom.
Wavecom was set up in 2000 by engineering graduates from Aveiro University and currently operates in Portugal and Spain but has projects spread over four continents.