New president at Teixeira Duarte

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The Portuguese construction company Teixeira Duarte has a new president – Manuel Maria Teixeira Duarte.

The decision was take after his cousin, Pedro Maria Teixeira Duarte stepped down from the company’s helm in June.
The appointment to head the holding company Teixeira Duarte S.A. should be confirmed at the general assembly of the board on 8 October according to Expresso.
The replacement in leadership to Portugal’s second largest construction company (Mota-Engil being the first) was suggested by Pedro Maria Teixeira Duarte who announced on 29 May that he would be stepping down.
With a degree in law, Manuel Maria Teixeira Duarte had been an independent member of the board since 2009 and was president of TD – Engenharia e Construções and TD – Gestões e Participações.
He also dealt with the company’s relations with investors. According to various sources, Manuel Maria had already been carrying out the duties of the president of the company for at least a year — being involved in the main projects and deals.
Although considered less reserved than his cousin, Manuel Maria has been the face of the construction company in recent months, but does not, however, like public exposure and being photographed in the press.
Under the slogan “100 Years Building a Better World” the Portuguese construction giant had operational revenues of €310,531 in the first half of 2021 (-13.9%), €284,938 in operational expenses (-9.9%) and an EBITDA of €25,593 (-42%).
The overseas market represents 65.4% of its business turnover. The company is active is six sectors: construction, concessions and services, real estate, hotels, distribution and the car component industry.
Teixeira Duarte employs 9,600 people in 22 countries worldwide.