Alentejo and Algarve almost ignored in railway infrastructure investment

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The government has been slammed for earmarking only 5.9% of investment to modernise Portugal’s railway network in the Alentejo and Algarve regions.

The coordinator of the Movimento Mais Ferrovia (More Railways Movement), Cristina Grilo called the amount “unacceptable” and stressed “transport is one of the Algarve’s main problems”.
The MMF has presented its alternative programme for priority railway investments to 2050, putting forward the modernisation of the rail and rolling stock which circulates on the Algarve Line by the introduction of a light railway (tram-train) with a link to Faro airport with access to Faro beach and university, as well as a high-speed line with a track running parallel with the Via do Infante and a link to the Andalucia network, according to Cristina Grilo who was interviewed by Jornal Económico.
Furthermore, RAVE (High-Speed Railway Network S.A.) has been calling on a phased project to link the Algarve and Andalucia’s rail networks implying a minimal investment for Portugal and the introduction of the Alfa Pendular high-speed trains.