Benfica could float on NYSE

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The US tycoon and investor John Textor told the board of Benfica Football Club (SAD) on Wednesday that he intended to get the club listed on the New York stock exchange.

According to Lusa John Textor has already shown an interest in SAD Benfica and met with the club’s vice-presidents Luís Mendes and Jaime Antunues with President Rui Costa who made an appearance at the start of the meeting.
“The meeting was cordial and Mr. Textor sent additional information about his intentions and plans for Benfica so that they can be explored and studied by the board. For the time being no other meeting has been scheduled.
The American entrepreneur signed an agreement with SAD’s biggest individual shareholder, José António dos Santos for the acquisition of 25% of its share capital, an intention which has been sent to the stop market regulator CMVM.
José António dos Santos “hammered out two agreements with John Textor for the sale of 5,750,000 ordinary and other shares representing 25% of the football club’s share capital, with the proviso that the payment would be done by 15 September of the total amount agreed” with €1million being paid up front”.
The club’s board says it has “no knowledge of the negotiations for the acquisition of the 25% share in Benfica” and has stated it will “oppose any such move” if the operation is brought up at the next shareholders general assembly meeting.
Benfica has revealed that the deadline for the agreement between the US investor and José António dos Santos for the acquisition of the shares of SAD Benfica had been extended until 31 December.
Textor, who is a pioneer in developing holographs and special effects recently invested in the UK football club Crystal Palace in which he holds 18% of its capital.