Portugal may not get 5G until 2022

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Because of the time it took to finish Portugal’s contentious and controversial mud-slinging 5G auction, licenses will almost certainly not be sent out to telecoms companies until next year.

I order to get 5G ‘switched on’ this year, the regulator ANACOM would have to jump through hoops because of the amount of paperwork and formalities that would have to be done before a series of deadlines run out.
After the most important phase of the auction finally ended last month with almost 200 bids, the bureaucracy began on Thursday, with the ANACOM board to approve the auction report project.
The report will now have not be submitted for a hearing involving the bidding candidates within a 10-day date limit. (18 November)
Then, “ANACOM must approve the final auction report within five days and take the decision to award the frequency usage rights to the winners” perhaps by Tuesday 23 November.
However, according to the online site ECO, other procedures will also be required. For example, the telecoms operators have 10 working days to pay for the frequencies they have won in the auction. (By 7 December)
After this ANACOM has 20 working days to attribute the licenses to the companies. This means a final deadline of 4 January 2022.