Lisbon airport slammed by air travel specialist

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A popular social media air travel specialist who has 55 million views of his video critiques on Youtube and around 250,000 followers has slammed Lisbon’s Humbert Delgado airport as a confusing mess.

Paul Lucas, who has flown over 800,000 km around the world in his lifetime also did a critique on his TAP executive class experience on 13 September and concluded “Best avoided: the worst executive class experience in Europe”.
He was referring to travel on the airline’s Embraer 190 service operated by Portugália on which he travelled between Lisbon and Madrid. Lucas, a UK citizen, points out that these planes are also used on three-hour services. “I wouldn’t want to be closed up on this aircraft, the worst in its fleet, for such a long time. You’ve been warned.”
Turning to Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado airport, the travel blogger states, “One of the biggest problems for TAP is its hub in Lisbon which isn’t very good, “It’s Schengen area is a mess” although he does praise the non-Schengen areas on the West side of the airport.
“This is not a good airport, there’s lots of strange passages, low ceilings and confusing paths” he adds for his overall impression, saying that the airport is “not very modern” and “not a good airport to get around”.
Lucas then went on to look at TAP’s premium lounge which is “shared with the customers of 25 Star Alliance airline partners.
He was unimpressed with the plastic wrapped apples, the small area of the poky lounge, with a limited offer, no atmosphere and packed with lots of people.
This is followed by a critique of the departure lounges for Schengen area flights which are “not well designed” (architects Broadway Malyan will not be pleased as punch about this), with “queues of people half way down the corridor”.
As to onboard food: “ a complete disappointment” with a “dry egg sandwich and inedible piece of fruit” which is “worse than executive class on either British Airways or KLM”.
To put the final boot in, Lucas said he began his journey with low expectations. “It wasn’t reasonable to expect a three-course meal on an hour flight, but the quality is weak compared to other European airlines.”
And the conclusion: “I think this is the worst experience I’ve ever had in executive class in Europe, on a flight from an airline company hub, without blocked seats, a poor meal, a poor lounge, a bad shuttle bus service from an airport that is really horrid. This is not a good experience”.