Portugal to develop 17 DIHs

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Portugal will develop 17 new digital innovation hubs (DIHs) which will make up a national network covering key activity sectors according to Portugal’s agency for competitiveness and innovation IAPMEI.

The goal of these hubs is the adoption and dissemination of digital technology by companies, especially SMEs.
“We have approved the creation of 17 Digital Innovation Hubs covering all relevant sectors of economic activity. This is a powerful mechanism that will draw on funds from the Portugal RRP (Resilience and Recovery Plan), said the Minister for the Economy, Pedro Siza Vieira.
During the presentation of the results of the DIH competition which took place on Tuesday (30 November) at CEiiA (A Technology Hub in Matosinhos), Nuno Gonçalves, the administrator of IAPMEI (pictured) said: “These hubs will have access to annual funding of up to €1 million which can be doubled if the hubs are integrated into the European network”.
From cybersecurity to tourism and health, the 17 Digital Innovation Hubs are collaborative networks which include centres of specific digital knowledge which will encourage the take-up of advanced digital technology to and by companies through the development, testing and experimentation of these technologies.
The 17 digital innovation hubs em Portugal are: Produtech (industry and manufacturing), DIH4GlobalAutomative (mobility), Connect 5 (Telcos e TICE), InnovTurismo (tourism), Portugal Blue Digital Hub (ocean economy), Azores Digital Innovation Hub (regional), Smart Island Hub (regional), C-Hub (cybersecurity), PTCentroDIH (regional), Defence4Tech Hub (defence), Digi4Fashion (fashion and footwear), DIGITALbuilt (construction), ATTRACT DIH (AI and Data science), AI4PA Portugal (public administration), SFT -EDIH (agrofoods), DIH4ClimateNeutrality (urban sustainability) and DigiHealthPT (health).