eyes US expansion

 In Companies, News, Start-Up, Technology, a fintech which develops intelligent conversion solutions, particularly for the banking and insurance sectors, is one of five startups highlighted by the Portugal Tech NYC programme created to support companies that expand to the US.

The company’s co-founder Goncalo Consiglieri said in a communiqué this week that it was “an opportunity too good to be missed” and that the company hopes to “learn a lot about the way the banking and insurance market works in the United States and New York” where the programme is being run.
In addition to, Ebankit, Docdigitizer, Itscredit and Loqr were also selected by the global company Sosa and the Portuguese overseas export and investment agency AICEP to join the programme, with the New York AICEP delegation head João Mota Pinto saing that this was a clear signal of AICEP’s commitment to foster the growth of Portuguese companies in international markets”.
Since 2016, the startup helps companies improve customer service by automating their interactions with consumers and/or the company’s intern network through different channels like chat, email, and voice.