Navigator hikes prices by 15%

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The Portuguese paper company Navigator is to hike the price of paper for toilet and kitchen rolls, and serviettes by 15% in 2022.

The company, which also makes tissue and office stationery paper, says it has been forced to do so by the “unexpected and continued increases in its main cost factors”.
The company’s new price list will come in force on 15 January, but will be revised monthly. Navigator will apply a greater surcharge percentage on these products to cover the increased costs of energy, logistics and raw materials.
“The global change in the economy which we are experiencing, with its dramatic impacts, is affecting industry generally through an unsustainable and continued increase in costs, more specifically (for us) in electricity, natural gas, cellulose, chemicals, packing materials, wooden stacking pallets, and logistics”, states the company which is headed by António Redondo.
The company adds that the price increases are “vital” to “guarantee long-term the sustainability not only of its business model, but also its entire supply chain, for both clients and suppliers, and maintain the high quality of its products, service, and innovations.
In other words, Navigator can no longer absorb the full extent of the unprecedented increase in energy and raw material prices because its cost structure has suffered a significant and unsustainable hit, and the increases have to be passed on for its future viability.