House prices in Portugal rose 8.3% in 2021

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House prices in Portugal rose 8.3% in 2021 according to online property portal Idealista.

According to their price index, by the end of December, 2021 buying a house had a mean cost of €2,323 per square metre. That was a 2.6% increase in terms of quarterly variation.
In 2021, house prices rose in all regions. Madeira headed the list with a rise of 13.6%, the highest increase in Portugal. This was followed by the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (10.9%), the Algarve (9.9%), the Alentejo (8.3%), the Centre (7.4%), the North (5.2%), and the Azores (4.8%).
The Greater Lisbon region continues to be the most expensive (€3,346/m2). Followed by the Algarve (€2,602m2), the North (€1.929/m2) and the Madeira Autonomous Region (€1,905/m2).
At the other end of the league table was the Autonomous Region of the Azores (€1,047/m2), the Alentejo (€1,109/m2), and the Centre (€1,187/m2) were the regions with the cheapest house prices.
In terms of districts analysed, the biggest increases were in Évora (19.4%), Braga (16%), Setúbal (15%), Madeira (13.6%), Aveiro(11.5%), Lisbon (11.3%), Leiria (10.4%), and Beja (10.2%). These were followed on the list by Faro (9.9%), Pico Island (9.4%), Faial Island (8.4%), Porto (6.1%), Castelo Branco (5.9%), and Santarém (5.7%), Vila Real (4.2%), Viana do Castelo (4.2%), Terceira Island (4.1%), São Miguel Island (2.9%), Porto Santo Island (2.5%), and Coimbra (1%).
House prices fell in Portalegre (-5.8%) and Viseu (-0.2%).