Galp hikes price to charge electric cars by 16%

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Electric car owners who are Galp customers will now be paying an extra 16% to charge their vehicles by next month.

The company had already raised energy costs by 9.8% ( (off-peak hours) and 7.5% (peak hours) for customers who were then stung again mid-month with the announcement of a new price hike that will come into force from 1 February.
The second increase will add another 5.6% on off-peak charging and 4.5% peak hours. Comparing the prices charged for a Galp Electric customer back in October 2021, it represents an increase of 16% in the cost of electricity to charge a car off peak and 12.4% at peak times.
The company argues that the increases “reflect the financial support provided” to consumers “by the Environmental Fund on the tariff from the Electrical Mobility Management Entity (EGME), as well as updating network access charges”.
In practice, it means a value per kWh of mobile electricity will have gone from €0.163 in 2021 to €0.179 on 1 January, and €0.189 on the 1 February 2022 (off-peak). Peak hours see prices change from €0.213 per kWh last year to €0.229 at the start of the year, and €0.2394 at the beginning of next month.
Last year also saw the number of electric car charging posts operated by Mobi.E (electric Mobility National Network) increase by 66.5% to 2,360 as level of use grew 48% in line with an increase in purchases of electrical vehicles which was up 56% on 2020.