Private health companies owed millions by State

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Private health care groups which operate under Public Private Partnership (PPP) contracts with the Portuguese National Health Service say they are owed millions of euros in compensation for the losses caused by the pandemic, and say they’ll go to court if they are not paid.

According to Jornal de Notícias, Luz Saúde, Lusíadas and CUF have asked Lisbon and Tejo Valley Regional Administration (ARS-LVT) for their invoices to be paid and have said they will go to court if their bills are not settled.
Luz Saúde, which managed Loures Hospital until 18 January, made a formal request for a €45 million payment to ARS-LV, but having heard nothing, have decided to take the matter to court. The sum demanded from the State is to compensate losses resulting from the pandemic in 2020, 2021, and the first 18 days of 2022.
Lusíadas Saúde which has a contract to manage the PPP at Cascais Hospital until the end of 2022, and CUF, which managed the PPP at Vila Franca de Xira Hospital until May 2021 has also made similar requests to be paid.