Startup Clynx seeks 500,000 investment

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Clynx, a startup founded by entrepreneur Joana Pinto and Gonçalo Chambel, is seeking an investment of 500,000 to develop and internationalise its innovation in physiotherapy treatment.

The company that uses gaming for rehabilitation has begun clinical trials in Italy and Germany which will both serve as a base for the company’s internationalisation.
Physiotherapy treatments through video games provide 84% motivation to patients compared to conventional exercises according to the startup’s research.
The Portuguese startup Clynx today has its technology in seven hospital clinics in Portugal, and began its first clinical trials in Italy and Germany, which will act as a basis for the company to expand to these two countries.
“We have begun the first international test-pilots after these were somewhat delayed by Covid-19. The first is called ‘pilot action’ which is a small pilot at an entity in Italy, and another in Germany, says Clynx CEO, Joana Pinto in an interview with the newspaper Jornal Económico (JE).
Clynx provides a digital solution that is making Physiotherapy an enjoyable experience for Patients, while helping Clinics and Hospitals to expand their responsiveness and to unlock a new revenue stream according to its website.