Portugal 4th country in the world where expats feel most at home

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Portugal is among the countries where expats most feel at home according to a survey from InterNations.

InterNations shows the worst and the best countries in which to live and work overseas.
The prevalence of remote work makes it much easier for people to live in a foreign country. Some may find the experience appealing from a purely financial perspective, while others see political benefits.
Every year, InterNations, an international networking site, asks thousands of expats to evaluate their quality of life abroad and compiles the results into a ranking of the best destinations for people seeking to live and work elsewhere. This year’s Expat Insider surveyed 11,970 expats, who represent 177 nationalities and live in 181 countries.
Portugal came in 4th place with only Taiwan (3), Indonesia (2) and Mexico (1) with better conditions for ‘feeling at home’ for expats.
The countries that were the least expat friendly were Kuwait (52), New Zealand (51), Hong Kong (50) and Cyprus (49).
In terms of lifestyle Portugal also came in fourth place and over one-quarter of expats who moved to Portugal did so for that reason.
Moreover, the majority of those canvassed think that the Portuguese are generally friendly and Portugal is in the top 10 countries where it is easiest to set up.
One of the main reasons for expats to feel at home is the low cost of living, the 8th lowest according to the survey. Nevertheless, just 63% are satisfied with their financial situation since over two-thirds earn less than the world average. Moreover, one-quarter do not feel they get a fair salary based on their work, qualifications and position in the company.
Over 25% of foreigners living in Portugal are retired and of those who do work, 34% work part-time, double the world average.
In turn, one in five gave a negative classification to the state of the Portuguese economy, while Portugal is in the list of 10 countries where immigrants are least happy about the local work market and career opportunities.