Construction sector expects stable 2H

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Portugal’s construction sector activity levels stabilised in the second quarter of 2022, with 62% of companies saying that their activity levels remained stable, five per cent more than the 57% in Q1.

This is according to the Portuguese Association of Civil Construction and Public Works’ survey ‘Survey on the Sector Situation’ (AICCOPN) which in a statement announced “26% of companies expect an increase in activity, a percentage which is almost the same (27%) as registered in the previous quarter.
The percentage of companies that reported a fall in activity fell to 12%, four points down from the 16% in Q1 of 2022.
As to adverse factors affecting the sector, increases in the cost of raw materials, energy, and the costs of construction were mentioned by 71% of companies, while 66% said there was a lack of specialised workers; in both cases just 1% below that percentages seen in Q1 of 2022.
In terms of the scarcity of raw materials/building materials, 40% of companies said it was a problem, while 28% stated that the starting prices for public competitions were too low.
In the private works sector, the main constraint to activities were the increases in the prices of raw materials, energy and building materials, mentioned by 82% of companies. (86% in the first quarter)