Most Lisbon home rents over €1000

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Most of the homes available to rent in Lisbon will set tenants back over €1,000 per month.

Only 8% of homes to rent are under this amount, while properties with rents under €750 only account for 2% of available housing stock.
The statistics were released on Monday based on a study by Idealista. At a national level, 21% of homes to rent in Portugal cost less than €750 per month, while 45% of the available housing stock to rent nationwide costs €1000 or more.
In relation to rents practised in Portuguese regional cities, Castelo Branco and Braganza have the cheapest average monthly rents below €750, followed by Guarda (75%), Santarém (64%, Vila Real (63%), Ponta Delgado (60%), Viseu (60%), Coimbra (58%) and Leiria (54%).
But only 2% ion rents in Lisbon, 7% in Funchal, 11% in Porto, 16% in Braga, 27% in Setúbal and 32% in Aveiro and 46% in Viana do Castelo practised rents below €750 per month.
Looking at the rental market for properties to rent below €1000 in districts where rents are more expensive, the study reveals that 8% of the offer in Lisbon costs less than €1000 per month, followed by Funchal (20%), Porto (33%) and Faro (53%).