Retail sector sees most closures

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The retail sector in Portugal has been the sector which has seen more closures and less new businesses started than any other in 2022.

According to the Informa D&B barometer and based on data to 31 October, 2022, there was a 10% fall in the setting up of new businesses like-for-like, and an increase of 7.7% in closures.
In the first 10 month of the year 40,529 new companies were created, an increase of 16% on the same period last year, but 4% down on 2019.
Since then, there were just three sectors that registered a fall in the number of new company registrations.
The retail sector was sector with the fewest new companies (-10%) with 3,816 created since the start of the year (down 422 like-for-like). This was followed by industry with a fall of 4.4% (1,786 new companies), and agriculture and other natural resource companies (-3.1%) with 1,292 new companies created.
On the other hand, the transport sector saw the most growth, with a total of 3,503 companies to 31 October, which represents an increase of 123% like-for-like (1,934 more than in 2021) according to Informa D&B.
In absolute terms, the companies services sector enjoyed the greatest growth, with a total of 6,924 companies set up by 31 October (+16%) on the like-for-like period, followed by general services, with 5,569 companies created (+15%).
Since the start of the year, 10,078 companies have closed (+00.3% like-for-like on 2021). “For this period half of all sectors presented numbers above 2021”, states Informa D&B.
The retail sector was most hammered with 1,550 companies closing (+7.7%), 110 are than in the same period in 2021. This was followed by real estate with 742 closures (+7.2%) and general services (+3.1%).