BPF launches 2 SME programmes

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The Portuguese public investment bank, Banco de Fomento has launched a public consultation for two new co-investment programmes for SMEs with an amount of €475 million.

The BPF invites companies and all interested parties to take part in a public consultation on future and quasi capital with the objective of obtaining contributions on the conditions of the two pre-structured financial instruments destined to foster the creation of companies and/or company capitalisation”, says the bank led by Ana Carvalho.
The funds in the new instruments will be drawn from the Portugal RRP (Recovery and Resilience Fund) via the Capitalisation and Resilience Fund.
Ana Carvalho, CEO of BFP says: “this public consultation is framed within the pioneering work of the Banco Português de Fomento as a Portuguese development bank and represents our commitment based on the principle of transparency”.
On the back of the RRP the BPF was given an important role, namely the structuring and distribution of capital and quasi solutions with a total amount of €1.435Bn foreseen in the RRP Company Capitalisation and Innovation component of which the sum of €475 million is still available to launch new programmes.