The challenges facing Portugal’s media organisations

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The challenges and opportunities facing today’s TV channels, newspapers and other news outlets across all platforms will be debated at a lunch organised by the International Club of Portugal (ICPT) on 17 January.

The event, with guest speaker Francisco Pedro Balsemão, CEO of the Impresa Group (SIC TV and Expresso among others) will take place at the Lisbon hotel Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa from 12.30am with his speech starting at 2pm.
There are four main challenges facing today’s media: changing audiences, the rise of new media, competition for advertising from social media outlets, combining traditional media and new technology-driven media together, and managing data and operations in one place.
A host of other challenges also exist including a lack of transparency, compliance with laws and regulations, challenges with respect to taxation, threats to media channels, personal threats to journalists working in the industry, data privacy concerns, licensing requirements and copyright and privacy issues.
According to Silverline, based on data from Magna, digital advertising now dominates the market and is projected to increase to over €400Bn worldwide by 2024.
Compare that with traditional channels like TV (dropping to US$150Bn), print (down to US$50Bn with these being squeezed out in terms of advertising by mega social media technology giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon making up the majority of digital advertising revenues in 2020, with Google taking a 30% market share according to eMarketeer.