Only 16% of people have 5G

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One-third of people who have 5G have not noticed any difference in their service while only 16% of the Portuguese have access to regular 5G technology according to a study from Deloitte.

The survey ‘Digital Consumer Trends 2022’ revealed that 34% admitted that they could not see the difference between 5G and 4G.
From the people who still do not have access to the latest technology, two-thirds believed that they would have better connectivity if they moved from 4G to 5G but just 30% of smartphone users said that they would change operator because of 5G coverage.
The study, which canvassed 1,000 Portuguese, also concluded that the vast majority of the Portuguese population have access to the internet via smartphones or laptop computers, and that the take-up rate of the latest generation of mobile phones among consumers aged between 18 and 65 years is 94% of which 87% had access to a laptop.