Electric car charges exceed 300,000

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Electric car charges on the Mobi.E network has exceeded the 300,000 barrier for the first time.

This year a total of one million charges were made, which in terms of annual accumulation represents an increase of 70% on 2022.
In fact there were 312,204 transactions in April, a 64% increase like-for-like. In terms of energy consumption the network exceeded previous records having reached 4,949,443 kWh, an increase of 84% like-for-like on 2022.
The increase in demand for 100% electric vehicles and hybrid plug-in vehicles, and the growth of the national electric charging post network contributed towards these numbers. At the end of April, a total of 4,434 posts (3,444 public) were integrated into the Mobi.E network, corresponding to 7,430 charging posts.
Installed capacity the network is currently over 189.147 kW, an increase of 68% in relation to the previous year. At the end of April around 1,266 charging posts were either fast or ultrafast, which represented over a third (36.6%) of the total.
From January 1 over 84,000 individual users accessed the national public network, an increase of 60% on 2022. In April alone there were over 49,700 drivers charging their electric or hybrid cars on the Mobi-E network, which represented the highest number ever for a single month. On average, in the first four months of 2023 each user made 14 charges.