DST wins €67 million hospital contract

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The Portuguese construction company DST has won a contract worth €67 million to build hospitals in Angola.

It will construct the Hospital Geral de Viana and the Hospital Geral de Cacuaco in the province of Luanda that will have around 300 bed each.
In a statement to the business title Negócios, Braga-based civil engineering and construction company DST states: “We are the general builder, the owner of the project is Vamed whose client is the Ministry of Health of Angola”.
Both hospital units are being built on plots of land covering 60,000m2, each with a construction area of 25,500m2 in the case of Cacuaco, while Viana will have a construction area of 23,650m2. Each will have a main three-storey building and six and five smaller satellite buildings respectively.
The two hospitals will offer a wide range of services including A&E, outpatients surgery, endoscopy, laboratory services, X-rays, ultra sounds and TAC/MRI scans, surgery, dialysis, obstetrics and rehabilitation, among many others.
DST will be responsible for general finishes and electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems contracting around 400 staff and a further 600 through DST sub-contacted companies.
DST closed 2022 with a turnover of €477.2 million, up €66 million on the previous year. Its main international markets are France, Monaco, Angola, United Kingdom and the Netherlands that generate 20% of the total.