Magic Beans grows 23% in revenues

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The Portuguese company Magic Beans, which specialises in technology advisory services, saw revenues grow 23% in H1 2023.

Its goal now is to grow by over 50% for the year after having achieved a €3 million in revenues em 2022. Magic Beans has remained focused on the internationalisation of the brand and has offices in Lisbon, Porto, Óbidos, Madrid, and Barcelona. It also has operations in Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland.
“The firm is reinforcing its investment in a Multicloud approach which is increasingly being adopted by companies as their digital transformation processes become more mature and as they adopt new cutting edge technologies such as AI”, says founder and CEO of Magic Beans, Vítor Rodrigues. (Pictured)
The company founded in 2017 by several senior business executives with strong careers in the biggest global IT corporations, also opened a new nearshore centre dedicated to applicational modernisation and took on 20 staff in 2022.
Magic Beans delivers the professional services to support companies along their digital transformation journey and is focused on offering the best options and alternatives available in the Global Cloud Services Ecosystem.

Magic Beans was the first Portuguese company to obtain the certification AWS Managed Service Provider, thereby positioning itself on a level with the largest international IT services supply companies. Magic Beans has been a certified partner of AWS since it was founded in 2017 and has been regularly recognised through several AWS awards on an annual basis, in recognition of  its high level of know-how, specialisation in the cloud domain, as well as for the quality and sophistication of the services that it provides.

A Magic Beans has forged partnerships with some of the main market leaders in Cloud technologies and others of the new generation, including AWS, Microsoft, RedHat, Veeam, Zendesk and Google.