BoP in virtual assets trading entities warning

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The Bank of Portugal has issued a warning about entities that do not have authorisation to operate in the virtual assets market in Portugal.

It specifically refers to BTC Evex 360, BTC ifex 360, and Bitcoin 360 ai which are not authorised to exercise activities trading virtual assets and the receipt of deposits or other repayable funds.
According to a communiqué, the BoP states that the “supposed (aforementioned) entities which are operating through a number of domains, namely ,, are not at the present time nor ever have been authorised to operate any financial activity in Portugal reserved for institutions that are subject to the supervision of the Bank of Portugal”. This means “activities with virtual assets and the receipt of deposits or other funds payable.”
The BoP has also issued a warning that there are pages/publications circulating on the social networks with false content involving public figures and/or the name of the Bank of Portugal, falsely associating them with virtual asset trading platforms.
The bank says that would-be investors should consult the Bank of Portugal’s list of authorised entities that can trade on Portuguese territory first.