FTX: Investors lose €6.5M

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Over 100 companies and small investors in Portugal are thought to have lost around €6.5 million as a consequence of the collapse of the crypto platform FTX.

Says Negócios, the amounts were disclosed in an informal and anonymous manner by Offchain Lisbon.
This Portuguese community of blockchain professionals and enthusiasts has been talking to and gathering information on those who have made losses in Portugal since the end of last year. In mid-August the newspaper Público reported that Offchain Lisbon’s list already had a total of 100 complainants – the necessary number to advance with a legal action.
The case has now entered a more formal phase in which these 100 complainants are being called to provide information so that a lodgement of claims can be made at a court in Delaware in the US.
The average credit claim is set at around €65,000 although a more select group of investors is said to have lost at least €1 million while other groups may have suffered losses of between €20-30,000.
According to the latest data from FTX’s new administration headed by John Ray III, at the Court of Delaware and reported by Reuters in April, some US$7.3Bn (€6.73Bn) have been clawed back, plus a further US$ 800 million (€736.2 million) according to the latest update made in January.