Google: Portugal attractive for more investment

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Google Portugal Director, Bernardo Correia says that Portugal has a “very healthy environment” from a regulatory point of view, and adds that the government’s initiative to create corridors for the installation of pre-licensed undersea cables is “positive”.

Negócios reports that one month after the announcement of the installation of a new system of submarine cables in Portugal, Nuvem* (*See the US ambassador’s comments on the project in the featured article on the US-EU Business Summit below) with Google not ruling out the possibility of more investment of the type.
“We see Portugal as a very attractive country for potential future investments”, said Berardo Correia, director of Google Portugal when asked if new submarine cables were to be expected.
He said that Portugal had a very healthy environment from the regulatory point of view and sees the government’s creation of corridors to lay pre-licensed submarine cables as positive, adding that anything that the government can do to help companies like Google and that will “accelerate investment capacity in the country, is always welcome”.