New Lisbon airport report to be delivered this month

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The Independent Technical Commission will indicate the opportunities and risks for several options to improve Lisbon’s airport capacity.

The final report from the commission (Comissão Técnica Independente (CTI)), which is also responsible for a study on Lisbon’s new international airport and the pros and cons of the various sites on the table and will guide the government over a decision to select a final site next year.
The Strategic Environmental Evaluation (AAE) to increase the airport capacity for the Lisbon region is nearing its end and is likely to be delivered in the last week of November.
It will present and best and worse solutions for the new airport looking at several factors decisive in the decision making process.
The commission has defined five critical evaluation factors after a process of public compilation: aeronautical security, land and accessibility, human health and environmental viability, connectivity and economic development, public investment and financing model.
Each one of the factors have various evaluation criteria, which in turn include a diversity of metrics.
For example, in terms of economic development and connectivity criteria such as competitiveness and the development of a hub, macroeconomic impacts, capacity for airport expansion, and the resulting cost-benefit analysis.
Other factors such as rail, road and river accessibilities, investment needs, the affected population, and how quickly the airport will be operational will also be taken into consideration.