71% of energy generated in Portugal renewable in 2023

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Seventy-one per cent of all energy generated in Portugal in 2023 came from green energy sources.

It meant that Portugal reduced its carbon footprint by 10 million tonnes of carbon in 2023. However, the current energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine and inflation has pushed the wholesale price per hour of electrical energy on the Iberian market to €88.3/MWh.
This is according to APREN – the Portuguese Association of Renewable Energies which sates that 44.128 GWh of electricity was generated in 2023. Of this 70.7% was from renewable sources. Looking at December alone, APREN concluded that 81.3% of electrical energy use in Portugal came from renewable sources.
The impact of green energy was also felt in terms of emissions, reducing them by 9.7 million tonnes of carbon. Carbon from non-renewable sources emitted 3.6 million tonnes into the atmosphere.
Eolic energy represented 29%, followed by hydric energy (27%), solar energy (8.2%) and biomass (6.5%).
Natural gas represented 18% while other fossil fuels such as petroleum and its derivatives made up 4.8%.
The Portuguese market only lags behind Denmark, Austria, and Norway which are the European leaders in renewables. (99%)