Lince Capital launches €146M fund

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Lince Capital has launched a €146 million fund to invest in Portuguese start-ups.

It is the third investment from the venture capital company aimed at innovative national startups with R&D projects.
“The Lince Innovation Fund III marks a crucial moment in our journey. We are committed to being a catalyst for economic growth and national entrepreneurialism”, says Vasco Pereira Coutinho in a company communiqué.
“With €146 million available we are confident that this fund will have a transformative impact on national startups, boosted not only by growth, but also entrepreneurial excellence”, adds the CEO of Lince Capital.
Lince Capital focuses on diversification, working simultaneously in several business sectors such as real estate, healthcare, technology, retail and industrial, balancing the different business areas with different business maturities, with several investments made in both SMEs and startups. The know-how acquired so far, with specialisation in each of the areas of activity, allowed it to attract and develop new opportunities in new business areas according to the company’s website.
Set up in 2016, Lince Capital has studied over 400 startups and invested in 22 including Sensei, Kencko, Bizay, and Leadzai.