Portugal has one of the best passports for digital nomads

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Portugal has one of the best passports for digital nomads according to the Nomad Passport Index.

Unlike the Henley Passport Index, which classifies the most influential passports in the world and uses data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the Nomad Passport Index (NPI) has adopted a different approach.
One-hundred and ninety-nine global passports were analysed as to how they behaved in terms of visa-free travel, global perception and taxes on citizens. The classification was also centred around dual citizenship and personal freedom.
It was good news for a large part of Europe with Portugal joining eight other countries in the top 10.
Switzerland came first , followed closely by Ireland and Portugal in second and third places respectively.
Portugal was followed by Luxembourg and Finland and then the United Arab Emirates. In order, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, and New Zealand rounded off the list.
The holders of these passports can enjoy visa-free travel for the majority of the countries in the world, as well as a greater probability of being accepted by their countries of adoption.
Outside the 10 top countries, the NPI says that Bulgaria is a country to look out for in future classifications.