Public works and investments in Angola site unveiled

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A new information site about 25 large construction projects in Angola was unveiled recently at the Pestana Palace hotel in Lisbon.

The site has two objectives; on the one hand to provide independent information to academics, journalists, and anybody interested on what is going on in Angola infrastructure and construction projects; on the other hand, to serve as a transparent public document for Angolan civil society about the development of large public works in the country and creating a mechanism for public participation.

In a unique initiative, ACNAE (Angolan National Classification of Economic Activities and CEDESA, an academic group that studies Angola, publicly presented the new site on Public Works and Investments in Angola. ((

This site is constantly updated, using a Wikipedia model, with works and infrastructures that are underway in Angola, and is the only site of its kind focused on construction projects in the country.

The site’s promoters have called on the economic agents involved to send updated data about their projects.

The presentation involved members of the Embassy of China in Lisbon, the country with the largest number of economic companies and entities involved in projects, as well as the Embassy and Consulate of Angola in Lisbon, and various entrepreneurs, academics and journalists.

Nuno Carvalho, a Portuguese parliamentary deputy in the XIV and XV legislatures introduced the site together with Eliseu Gonçalves, a former member of the Casa Civil de José Eduardo dos Santos.

At the present time, the site shows information about distinct projects: four hospitals, three oil refineries and gold ore processing projects, an airport, a port complex, and the reactivation of the Lobito railway corridor, a caustic soda production plant, the Mussulo electrification project, a science and technology centre, a forensic institute, two water supply treatment stations, an ironworks, a logistics platform, a diamond mine, and two housing complexes, and many other projects all over Angola.

These projects were awarded by tender to companies from Angola, China, Portugal, Austria, Brazil, Israel, and Turkey for investments of over €20Bn.