1st Essentia tourism, brands and property conference launches in November

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The impact and importance of national and international brands on the growth and sustainability of the Portuguese economy will be the main theme at the first ESSENTIA LIVE #1 International Conference on 29 November in Lisbon.

The conference will be held at the Estufa Real in Ajuda and will include a broad panel of experts as well as presentations from keynote speakers like: the Portuguese Secretary of State for Tourism, Ana Godinho Mendes; the economist Miguel Frasquilho; the Mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina; and the Dean of NovaSBE, Daniel Traça.

The Essentia conference focuses on the interlinking importance of two of the main drivers of the Portuguese economy: property and tourism in order to discuss and reflect on how to develop the right policies and create suitable conditions for Portugal to brand and position itself as a competitive world player in the international tourism industry.

The conference also brings in other sectors linked to tourism and property with the aim of creating a strategic integrated multi-sectorial strategy.

These ideas will be the starting point for the Essentia-organised international conference on the theme — “Global brands, Tourism Destinations and Real Estate Market … how to make the best from this trio?”

“The destination we want to arrive at is one that gives this trio of property, tourism and brands one unique identity within a growth model with variables that complement each other,” says Essentia CEO José Gil Duarte.