Aljezur’s wellness resort goes ahead

 In Development

Work on the first five-star wellness resort for Aljezur has begun after years of delays.

The €10 million 114-bed resort will be single storey and constructed in bungalows in a botanical gardens tourism concept and promises to have a low carbon footprint.

The CEO of developer Leacock Investments SA, Afonso Tavares da Silva told the Algarve English language weekly, The Resident, said, “We are aiming for a low-carbon footprint, which although having clear benefits in the long-term, does have a higher initial capital outlay.”

Marketed as a “luxurious wellness and nature hotel” designed to “blend in with the surrounding landscape,” the resort will be an addition to the award-winning hotels that the group owns in Madeira.

Plans include sourcing supplies locally, establishing partnerships with local artisans, and becoming a significant local employer.

“We believe that people these days look for authenticity and differentiation. The real luxury now is space and tranquillity,” says Tavares da Silva.

The hotel, which will be hidden from the beach area, is set back 1.5 km within the 220 hectare site purchased by the company 12 years ago.

The project was put on ice because of environmental and ecological issues concerning its position within the Costa Vicentina Natural Park.