Brussels calls for more transparency

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The European Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, has called on Portugal to make its justice system “more transparent” particularly in the fight against corruption.

Calling on Portugal to fast-track its new national anti-corruption mechanism, he said: “I would say that transparency is perhaps the most important word in the report and in the recommendations about Portugal because it applies to the application of processes when speaking about the fight against corruption, or if it is possible to really start the transparency mechanism.
The statements made to the news agency Lusa occurred days after the European Commission recommended in its annual report on the State of Law that Portugal should ensure “sufficient resources to prevent, investigate, and judge corruption”, by assuring the swift introduction of the new Anti-Corruption Mechanism. (MENAC)
According to Didier Reynders this will be “a very useful instrument to have in operation to effectively control and check declarations of goods and safeguard the lawmaking process in Portugal”.