Best of Portugal platform highlighted

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A digital platform celebrating the best that Portugal has to offer in a unique and inspiring way, launched earlier this year, has been praised and recommended by on national television by a leading current affairs commentator.

Luís Marques Mendes highlighted the pioneering digital platform, which celebrates different facets of Portugal, on his weekly spot on SIC TV’s Jornal de Noite evening news channel.

‘Best of Portugal’ has a mission to promote Portugal in an inspiring and genuine way, providing the Portuguese, overseas residents (the site is in English) and the Portuguese diaspora living abroad, with a digital space where they can access a diversified content about Portugal.
The content has been carefully chosen to emphasise positive content about Portugal, promoting companies, people, and investments that are driving the growth and success of the country.
The Best of Portugal prides itself on being one of the few initiatives from the private sector promoting Portugal.
With an independent approach focused on providing an authentic and genuine experience, the BoP says it seeks to celebrate Portugal’s victories from a positive and inspiring perspective.
The BoP is a platform that disseminates the best that happens in Portugal, covering a wide range of areas from technological innovation, society, health, industry, national production, culture, entrepreneurialism, sport, environment, among others.
It shows companies that represent Portuguese quality, creativity and innovation, presenting people that deserve recognition, and shares stories that should be told.
The platform was highlighted by the PSD politician, lawyer and TV current affairs commentator Luís Marques Mendes on his weekly analysis on Jornal de Noite over the weekend.