Morningstar classifies Fidelidade as 4th most sustainable insurer in the world

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Fidelidade is the second best insurer in Europe and the fourth worldwide when it comes to sustainability according to a specialist study from the consultant Morningstar Sustainalytics that classified it in fourth place from out of 304 world insurers evaluated for its ESG Risk Rating.

The Portuguese insurer occupied 591 position out of 15,719 companies. Cork giant Corticeira Amorim came in 504th place, and was the Portuguese company with the best classification.
Morningstar’s classification is established by multiple criteria that evaluates the company’s exposure to ESG risk both in itself and for the sector in which it operates as a whole, as well as its capacity to manage this exposure, establishing a rating of between 0 (best) and 40. Fidelidade clocked up 11.7.
Rogério Campos Henriques, CEO of Fidelidade at COP28 said, “Profound scrutiny in ESG areas is fundamental in ensuring that each decision is aligned with the principles of sustainability”.
“We were evaluated by an external company with a track-record of experience in the ESG risk evaluation market and it was extremely important because it enabled us to measure our performance and commitment to sustainable development”, adding that the “commitment with ambitious targets, responsible investments, innovative products and global collaboration are the pillars that define our journey to a greener, more resilient tomorrow.”