Wine tourism up 27% in Alentejo in 2023

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The Alentejo Regional Wine Commission has posted a 27% increase in wine tourism in 2023 like-for-like on 2022.

Comissão Vitivinícola Regional Alentejana (CVRA) says that this uptick is down to an increase in Portuguese tourists and visitors from Brazil and the US.
The Alentejo wine tourism market represents 50% of the total market in Portugal. Apart from the Portuguese, Americans and Brazilians who make up the top three visitor groups, there has also been a growing presence of tourists from Switzerland, Spain, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Canada was nation which provided the biggest single increase from any one country. (+75%)
“Wine tourism (Enotourism) is very important for tourism in the Alentejo, that not only attracts tourists to the region but also contributes to the Alentejo economy. The tradition of winemaking in the Alentejo is ancient, producing quality wines that are recognised the world over. Our varied wine tourism tours are attracting increasingly more overseas tourists interested in discovering the region, its culture, cuisine, and people”, says Francisco Mateus, President of the CVRA,
The Alentejo is the national leader in certified wines, with around 40% of the total value of sales out of 14 wine growing regions in Portugal.
With an area of vineyards covering 23.3 thousand hectares, 30% of its production is exported to five main overseas destinations: Brazil, Switzerland, US, UK, and Poland.